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Resume 2022

SivaSaiVarsha Kakuturu CV.pdf

Portfolio 2022

Portfolio Siva Sai Varsha Kakuturu 2022.pdf
Varsha Kakuturu_ M.Arch Dissertation _ AA SED 2020.pdf

Dissertation Project M.Arch

Urban Housing in Chennai: Climate Responsive Housing Design for Warm- Humid Climates.

Chennai is experiencing rapid urbanisation in the construction sector which leads to the development of new high rise residential buildings, which are dependant on air-conditioning to provide comfort to the occupants. This dissertation aims to understand the characteristics of Chennai’s warm and humid climate and to device potential passive design strategies to enhance comfort and reduce energy consumption. This is achieved by exploring key factors such as shading, ventilation, building, unit level design and materials to be used in this climate. Inspiration of verandahs from vernacular architecture is taken as a key design element to re-introduce them as balcony spaces in high rise residential developments to enhance their functionality. It was found that the usage of passive design strategies such as night ventilation, fixed horizontal and vertical shading devices and adaptable louvres could effectively reduce the cooling demands. Redefining the unit design to enhance cross ventilation and improve daylighting also aided in increasing indoor comfort. Materials with low carbon emissions were chosen. The combination of these strategies were tested and the results showed that it was possible to attain free running conditions throughout the year.

Term 1 Project M.Arch

Term 1 Project_Imprerial Wharf_Varsha Kakuturu, Shibani Choudhury.pdf

Imperial Wharf, London - Housing Refurbishment

Term 2 Project M.Arch

Term 2 Project _ North Woolwich Old Station Project _Varsha Kakuturu, Rakshith Chhatrala, Rana Shehzad Munir .pdf

North Woolwich Housing Development, London

Research Paper 1


How to achieve thermal comfort in warm - humid climates?

Research Paper 2


Thermal performance of a Chettinad house in the warm humid climates of South India.